Maybe This Will Work Beta? ‘Gamifying’ Bookstagram

BETA presentation video

For the purpose of this Digital Artefact, I will now be focusing on the ‘gamification‘ of Bookstagram and the reading process by employing my analytical framework of technology, aesthetics and nostalgia.

In ‘How to Gamify Learning With Design and Technology‘, gamification is referred to as “the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.” I attempted to draw upon this directly in the ideation of my prototypes.

For more insight into how gamification related to the platform of Instagram, I considered the role of technology. The article, ‘Becoming a semiotic technology – a historical study of Instagram’s tools for making and sharing photos and videos‘ was incredibly useful in this effort. The regular updates of Instagram demonstrates that the platform is in a “constant beta version” meaning that users are required to constantly test their accounts against new tools.

Instagram’s algorithm is one of the more prominent tools that users must understand. I have observed through my process of prototyping that ‘challenges‘ hosted by Bookstagrammers are becoming more frequent and are a way of combatting the algorithm.

Interesting point on the Instagram algorithm that I used to inform my knowledge.

My aim was to reflect the “easy to use and rewarding to finish” concept of gamification through story templates and posting challenges. By making posting fun, I hoped that users would no longer feel deflated or lacking in inspiration.

As I have recorded significant growth through interacting with reels, I will expand my challenges to this feature.


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  1. Hi Ashleigh,

    I love your approach to this project, I’m feeling a little inspired myself. It’s such a great way to continue with a prior project and repurpose it for this subject. Your analytical framework is explained clearly, I think it will be a successful method for analysing your game media para text.

    I’ve never considered gamification before, I’d never even heard the term, so I find this all really interesting. You have obviously done your research and it’s great that you’ve also utilised hyperlinks throughout the post. Your beta is cohesive and very professional in presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed watching/ reading your post. From the feedback and engagement that you’ve received its clear that your project has great public utility. I can’t wait to follow along with your DA as it continues to progress, good luck!


  2. Hi Ash! This is such a wonderful and intriguing take on the game media industries and regular game texts. I haven’t seen anything like this before! Your approach is unique and you clearly have a passion for reading and bookstagram! Your beta presentation discusses the analytical framework clearly, that is approachable for a general audience. I enjoyed how you discussed each of your prototypes and how you have aimed to create feedback loops with your audience in the form of Instagram stories and within your captions. Your blog post is structured well with expanding on some concepts spoken about in your video that is also hyperlinked for easy access. I have found your digital artefact to be quite inspirational as you have taken ‘gamification’, a concept I haven’t heard about before and have applied this to an area that doesn’t relate much to games at first glance. There isn’t much I can fault you on with your digital artefact project, but I can suggest that creating IGTV would be an interesting way to discuss the ‘gamification’ further on your Instagram – perhaps even expanding this angle of your project to TikTok would be useful too. Great work Ash, I can’t wait to see what you do next!


  3. Hi Ashleigh! Wow, you have done such an amazing job on your Beta! I love your approach to this task, it is so different and fresh and you can really see how passionate you are about the topic and method. I love how you have implemented reading into this task, your analytical framework is well researched and I cannot wait to see how it progresses! Instagram reels are definitely an effective way of creating engaging content for your audience, but have you considered moving onto Tik Tok as well? It is such an easy way to reach a large number of people, there is a massive online community for book lovers on there the #booktok has over 23 billion views, and people are always looking for recommendations. Your gamification approach would be a unique twist and would really help establish yourself in the booktok community! I can’t wait to see how your DA progresses, good job!!


  4. Hey Ash I was so happy to hear how you have changed your DA to be suit you. It was so interesting in what you created is basically creating games instead of playing them. As a reader myself I know that from experiences I really want to read books, when people give me their own personal reviews or a ‘sneak peek. This could be an added aspect to your challenges where you ask your readers and followers to give you a reviews of the books. Second to this to allow for more engagement book tik Tok has really taken off in the last year. Building a tiki’s Tok audience and discussing your challenges on tik Tok could be really helpful in building that engagement and allow for more people to give you feedback. Here is an article which was only written this year about how tik Tok has taken the reading world by storm.
    Furthermore on tik Tok I follow an Aussie guy who has an obtainable amount of followers and has created a Facebook page for his book club. @jaydenkouli. Looking at some of his videos might give you ideas about how to incorporate some of your challenges into the tik Tok world! Goodluck, and ill be sure to give it a follow 🙂


  5. Hi Ashleigh! Firstly, I love that you’ve had the confidence to recognise that you weren’t happy with your original pitched idea and have gone ahead to change that, so you can present a project you’re happy with and feel more comfortable doing. I also really like your topic– it’s different to anything I’ve seen so far, as it strays away from the typical video game project and focuses on the gamification of bookstagram, which is so refreshing and interesting!
    You’ve clearly outlined the analytical framework you’ll be focusing on and how you’ll be incorporating each part into your project, which is awesome.
    You’ve evidently been working very hard to interact with your users and increase your engagement, which you can see, especially through your reels and stories, is working in your favour! If I could offer you an advice it would be to speak a bit more about the iterations or changes your project has gone through following feedback from your users. Other than that, you’ve presented a very clear and well-laid out beta presentation and blog post, and I can’t wait to see what you do next!


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