‘Scooby Doo, Where Are You?’ – An Investigation into Video Game Nostalgia

BCM215 Pitch

Though it is sometimes a bittersweet emotion that may be accompanied by upsetting memories, nostalgia is typically known for its ability to ‘counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety.’ It shows great potential as a force of unification, bringing people together in their mutual experience of reminiscing.

Through background research I have identified an increase of blogs and articles examining the Playstation 2 console. A majority of these posts have occurred in the past two years, which I believed to be related to prolonged stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dominik Schrey’s ‘Analogue Nostalgia and the Aesthetics of Digital Remediation’ was a key starting point in research of this topic and demonstrated that ‘outbreaks’ of nostalgia often followed periods of transition or development. This supported my hypothesis by suggesting that people were turning to the games they enjoyed in childhood to find comfort and solitude through the experience of nostalgia.

However, it is unclear as to whether this experience of nostalgia is unique to the Playstation 2 console or to the games themselves. Throughout this digital artefact, I hope to determine whether these games would have the same effect on different consoles, or if the experience of nostalgia in this context is dependent on the technology of the Playstation 2.

There have been similar investigations conducted, but none that I have found so far focus entirely on the Playstation 2. This means that though there is not a wealth of insight available, there is opportunity in this investigation that may be useful or interesting to others.


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  1. hey Ashleigh Grentell this is an interesting concept and you’ve clearly mentioned all the tasks you have mentioned in your pitch scooby doo was even my fav one throughout my childhood hope you do really great research and make one of the best digital artifact


  2. Hi Ashleigh! Your blog post was so well written and had great secondary research! You clearly covered each point that was required for the pitch video and supplemented it well with an accompanying blog post. I loved how you discussed the idea behind your topic, it is clear you have done thorough background research and you should be proud of your work! You had a clear structure and it was very easy to follow! Overall you did an amazing job, can’t wait to see how this progresses


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